Privacy Statement

This Website

We don't store or track information about our website users except for:

a) Where it is in our mutual benefit to do so. So for example if you submit an enquiry using our contact form, we require a copy of your email address to be able to correspond with you. 

b) Subject to your permission, our website host, Squarespace, stores cookies in your web browser for tracking which pages you have visited so we understand how our website users are using this website. These website cookies are not supplied to other services and they are not used for advertising or by agencies or by ad-trackers.


Third party IT solutions

In running our business, we use several third party hosted IT solutions. If you correspond with us via this Website or via email, personally identifying data will also be transmitted via the services these companies run.  


This website is hosted by Squarespace, a large US based web host. The framework this website uses to present web pages is built and managed by Squarespace.  

The Squarespace privacy statement is available here.


Our email accounts are hosted using Google G-Suite. 

The Google privacy statement is available here.


All documents, such as letters or correspondence from tenants, landlords or suppliers stored on our IT systems may also be stored on one or both of the cloud document systems we use; Dropbox and Apple Inc iCloud system. 

The Dropbox privacy statement is available here

The Apple iCloud privacy statement is available here

Offsite backup

All our IT system data is backed up to a cloud service run by Backblaze inc. 

The Backblaze privacy statement is available here.  


Methods of Communicating with Us

Web Forms

When you correspond with us by filling out a form on this website, the contents of the form are sent to us, unencrypted, by email from Squarespace. Additionally, our copies of these emails are hosted on Google’s G-Suite email servers.


We retain email only for the purpose of being able to correspond with you relating to matters you have enquired about or for managing further mutual business interests. 

We do not have a policy for the deletion of email. If you require the data we store to be deleted, we are happy to oblige and will do so unless we are duty bound by regulation or law to retain a copy.  

In the course of corresponding with us, we may ask you if you would mind being contacted for other purposes than the subject of the correspondence and we will only then correspond with you about other matters if you confirm it is OK to do so.